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Libereum Acquires a Large Stake in Vendit

December 7th, 2018

Vendit is happy to announce that Libereum, a cryptocurrency that will be acquiring football/soccer clubs worldwide and based in Europe, has acquired a large stake in Vendit's Payment Systems. While Vendit was already building a merchant processor software that can easily be integrated into any Point of Sale Merchant system, it only made sense, through this acquisition, to further push the Libereum token as the main currency of this payment system for the football/soccer club. So with the upcoming acquisition of the football/soccer club for Libereum and the upcoming ICO Libereum and current ICO of Vendit, we are also happy to announce these changes and benefits to Vendit Token buyers:


Vendit will be running Libereum's ICO through the Vendit Website. So to buy into the Libereum ICO will require buying it through the Vendit website. The Libereum ICO will launch when the acquisition of the football/soccer club has been publicly announced.

In support of VNDT's current Private Sale and a Support for the Acquistion, for every 60 VNDT tokens purchased or 15 USD worth purchased, Vendit will give 1 Libereum token as a bonus.

Vendit's ICO pricing and supply will be adjusted for the new acquisition. Total VNDT Tokens for Sale in the ICO and Pricing for each round has now been lowered. All previous buyers of VNDT tokens will be be compensated accordingly.

All Past and Future Libereum Token Buyers (airdrops or bounties NOT applicable) will be given Vendit Tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Sign up for an account on Vendit's website and Vendit and Libereum will communicate on verifying your purchase. Once processed, you will see the Vendit Token(s) in your account.

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