Now Announcing: Electra & Vendit Debit Card Partnership

What is Vendit?

Connecting the Dots for Adoption

Payment App: Panera

Paying with Crypto at Panera Bread

Payment App: Domino's

Vendit Payment at Domino's Pizza

Crypto Credit Cards

Asset Backed Credit

No Need to Spend your Crypto Assets, Spend the Value and Keep Your Assets. Personal Credit Score on the Blockchain.

Hybrid Exchange

Dex & Cex Liquidity

Offering the Liquidity of Centralized Exchanges Connected with the Security of Decentralized Wallets all in one User Interface Trading Platform.

Payment Processor

For Merchants & Payments

Proprietary Merchant Processing Software & Debit Cards/Payment System for Everyday Merchant and Payments.

Exchange Bridge

Payment System with APIs

Connecting the Vendit Payment System with other API's Providing Payment Options to any Other Exchanges.

The Payment Network for Crypto!

Advantages of Investing in Vendit

The greater the challenge,

the greater the reward.


Vendit aims to fill in the holes that is preventing true cryptocurrency adoption as a payment method. 

As more people use and adopt Vendit's payment system. Holding onto Vendit tokens will only bring a higher ROI.

Trade as a simple crypto enthusiasts or an advanced trader on the Vendit hybrid exchange. The first of its kind.
Crypto Coins/Tokens

Providing a Free-To-Play Listing methodology that not only helps cryptocurrencies, but also provide a kickback in revenue.

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Crypto Payments


Hybrid Exchange


Token Sale


Vendit/Libereum Bundle Sale

Limited Supply Only

Vendit ICO Rounds



0.25 USD

per Token

6 Million Total



0.65 USD

per Token

3.6 Million Total


Round 1 

0.75 USD

per Token

5.4 Million Total


Round 2

0.95 USD

per Token

10 Million Total

VNDT Private Sale & Libereum Bundle (60 VNDT & 3 LIBER)

VNDT Private Sale & Libereum Bundle (60 VNDT & 3 LIBER)

45.00 USD15.00 USD

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